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The National Black Clergy Women

of the United Methodist Church’s purpose is to:



  • Identify, develop, support, and enhance opportunities for the inclusion and empowerment of black clergywomen at all levels of the United Methodist Church.

  • Recruit, train, educate, prepare, and support black clergywomen for service and ministry within the local and national church work areas, appointments beyond the local church, and other areas of ministry;

  • Develop and promote a network of resources, mentors, and colleagues for black clergywomen in order to help provide a positive experience and enhance black clergywomen’s progression in ministry;

  • Investigate, conduct studies, prepare reports, and disseminate information on issues that uniquely impact the career, role, and status of black clergywomen;

  • Consult and confer with General Church boards and agencies regarding issues, policies, and practices that impact the ministry of black clergywomen;

  • Promote pride, standards of excellence, support, communication, and cooperation among black clergywomen;

  • Establish and maintain an active and integral relationship with National Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc.of the United Methodist Church.


For more information about the National Black Clergy Women Conference can be found online at

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